Marine Engine Services

Marine Mechanical, Engine, Generator, and Systems Service

Our Technical Services include Onsite Engine and System Servicing, including waterborne assignments.

  • Propulsion Engine and Transmission preventative maintenance and commissioning
  • Genset engine side maintenance and repair.
  • Control system troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair.
  • Head, fresh, and raw water system maintenance, installation and repair.
  • Plumbing diagnosis and component repair, replacement, and retrofit.
  • Bottom painting, running gear, and stuffing box maintenance.
  • Periodic inspection, ventilation, and de-icing for unattended vessels.
  • Diagnostic first visit at no charge. Owner need be present.
  • Inboard Diesel and Gasoline Outboard propulsion and related systems.
  • Winterization and Spring Commissioning on your schedule.
  • Maximize your reliability, longevity, and performance with the proper care.

Winterization Information

Proper and Thorough Winterization is one of the most important elements in maintaining your boat's value and performance. This process will prolong the life of your onboard components and significantly reduce damages that can occur in severe weather.

Click here to download a winterization checklist to expedite services.

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